The Knoword team

Who makes Knoword, Knoword?

Trevor Blades

Trevor is a web developer from Toronto, Canada currently living in Vancouver. His interests in digital design and the web started early in his high school years and continued to develop while in college studying Multimedia Design.

Trevor is a founding member of Toronto-based YEAH! Films Company, with whom he first started doing web design and development work.

It could be said that Knoword started one day in the fall of 2010, when Trevor and his roommate AJ invented[citation needed] a similar game in the physical world. In this game, each person would take turns reciting dictionary definitions while the other would try to guess the word being described. Months later, Trevor built an online version of the game and the rest, as they say, is history.

AJ is a philosophy student at the University of British Columbia who enjoys eating Wheat Thins and skateboarding. Without him, this game likely wouldn't exist today.

Bret Pudenz

Graduating from the University of Missouri in May 2012, Bret is currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science. He originally became interested in computers around the age of ten. At the time, Cheat Code Central was his go-to site.

Bret found my way to designing web sites a few years later, and eventually pursued a degree in Computer Science.

Bret is responsible for the Knoword iPhone app and mobile development side of things around here, and he does an outstanding job. If you haven't yet, be sure to download the app and see for yourself!

Adam Winnik

Adam attended school in Canada at Sheridan College for their internationally known illustration program. It was at school where he was introduced to the exciting and growing world of motion-graphics animation. This was around the time Adam first saw Jerry Levitan’s Oscar nominated short I Met The Walrus. Levitan’s film served as a catalyst for Adam’s creative output and provided the inspiration he needed to animate a portion of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot, which currently has over a quarter of a million hits on Vimeo. In his spare time Adam likes to search the internet to try and find the great unknown bands before they are in the latest batch of car commercials.

You can see some of Adam’s work at